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Neal is an Arizona based photographer. He has spent the last 20 years working in Los Angeles and Scottsdale in the film, music and restaurant industries. He has worked as a video operator on music videos and commercials for some of top agencies and musicians in the world. He has a degree in audio engineering and has worked as an audio engineer and musician for Hollywood film composer Klaus Badelt. Badelt composed music for Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Poseidon, etc. Neal has also owned a local Arizona pizzeria with his family for almost 30 years. He currently resides in Scottsdale 

Client list as a video operator

Paul McCartney- Destiny's Child- Budweiser- Busta Rhyme- Erica Badu- Sugar Ray- N-Sync- Britney Spears- Mick Jagger- Sporty Spice- Coors Light- Phantom Planet- Avril Lavigne- Nora Jones- Target- Moby- Ikea- Robbie Williams- George Michael- Prince- Blackalicious- Trapt- 98 degrees- McDonalds- Billy Bob Thornton- Kelly Clarkson- Sheryl Crow- Marc Anthony- Unwritten Law- Dodge- Jeep- Dr Phil- Enrique Iglesias- Nissian- Snoop Dog- Ludacris- Sting- Nas- 311- Nokia- N.E.R.D.- Orbit Gum- Friskies and more.

List of directors as video operator

Wane Isham- Darren Grant- Jake Scott- Jonas Akerlund- Mc G- Guy Richie- Joseph Kahnn- Chris Applebaum- Paul Brown- Roman Coppola- Chris Robinson- Billy Bob Thornton- Senna- Nigel Dick- Brian Balletic

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